Maremoto — Berlin (12/2012)



When I searched the internet for molecular cuisine restaurants in Berlin earlier this year, two names came up – Reinstoff (which I visited a few months ago) and Maremoto.  This second trip to berlin was a last-minute plan, so I only had a week in advance to try for a reservation.  Fortunately, I was able to secure one for the Friday night that I would be there.  Chef Cristiano Reinzner spent some time at El Bulli, so my expectations were for some innovative dishes.

The menu offers a la carte selections, as well as different sizes of tasting menu experiences.  I went with the longest one, which was 9 courses.  Although it is listed as being priced with wine pairings, I was able to opt out of the pairings and they reduced my price.  But even with the wine pairings, the “aperitif” (in my case, a glass of champagne) is not included.

The restaurant is on the small side, normally set up with several small tables.  However, on my night, they were expecting a party of 14, so they were all grouped together in the center of the main room, and I was off to one side (we were the only diners that I saw that evening).  The restaurant had a low-light atmosphere throughout, so the photos are not of the best quality.

While I was enjoying my champagne, they delivered a bread basket consisting of whole wheat sourdough and pretzel bread.  The accompaniments were a fresh-tasting Greek olive oil and butter with sea salt.

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Reinstoff — Berlin (9/2012)



When I had planned my return trip to Berlin, I had worked around the opening of a new Conrad hotel and its Pierre Gagnaire restaurant.  Unfortunately, the Hilton folks had decided to delay the opening, so I searched for a molecular/modern cuisine restaurant.  Reinstoff came up as an ideal candidate, based on their website descriptions.  They were also easy to book in advance using the German version of  The restaurant is located just north of and across the river from old city center.  It is off of a courtyard of several new or renovated brick buildings.

Upon being seated, they offered me a glass of sparkling wine.  I went with their recommended sparkling Riesling, which was drier than I thought it would be and very nice.  They also had a sparkling rosé, which I should have tried as well, but didn’t know about it at the time.

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