The Molecular Tapas Bar 4th Visit — Tokyo (5/2013)



I returned to the Molecular Tapas Bar because I was visiting Tokyo with friends and I wanted them to have the experience.  A couple of my favorites were no longer on the menu, which surprised me a little.  Still, the overall experience was what I had expected it to be. Instead of champagne, I started out with a nice glass of Riesling. And I was almost certain I took notes, but they are nowhere to be found on my phone.  So, the descriptions may be a little lacking this time.

 The aperitif course was called Cherry Bonbon and it was a semi-frozen morsel of cherry and sake on a stem.  We picked it up by the stem and consumed it like a cherry. This was the same aperitif as the last spring menu I had a couple of years ago.

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The Molecular Tapas Bar — Tokyo (6/2011)


The Molecular Tapas Bar is located at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo on the 38th floor.  As the name implies, they specialize in molecular gastronomy.  They have two seatings a night with up to 8 people per seating.  The chef on the left trained at el Bulli.  The chef on the right spoke English and is from Maryland.  The items in the glass case are actually floating and spinning on magnets.

The menu was what I was presented with.  They do ask if you have any food allergies when they confirm the reservation.  Since I had none, I tried whatever they gave me, whether I would normally eat it or not.  The names given don’t always mean much.  There was sometimes a story as to why something is on the menu for the season and that may not be evident in the name/description.

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