About Molecular Cuisine. . .

Over the last few years, I have been cataloging my my dining adventures in my quest to search out restaurants that use what is is sometimes termed “molecular gastronomy” or “molecular cuisine” techniques to create unique and (hopefully) enjoyable food experiences.  Some places were well-known, and others were just finds I made through internet searches when planning my travels. Sometimes there wasn’t much of what I was looking for in techniques.  Sometimes the experiences were exactly what I was expecting. Some experiences were outstanding, and others were just a string of techniques used as gimmicks to construct a meal and entertain the diner.
Molecular Cuisine is not really a cuisine.  In my view, it is an approach to creating a meal experience that conveys flavors, aromas, textures and visuals to the diner in what some consider non-traditional techniques or traditional techniques applied in ways not typically expected.  The result is supposed to give the diner a new, unexpected or enhanced experience with the ingredients of the dish individually and collectively. At its best, many senses are engaged, along with emotional responses.
Most of the time, the meal is a series of small plates.  Most of the time, the focus is on fresh ingredients, many times local.  Sometimes, I didn’t really find molecular techniques, but just a farm-to-table restaurant.  Sometimes I will return to sample a different season or a new format. That is all part of the adventure.
Since I already have a collection of write-ups, I’m going to post the first paragraph of each as an entry in chronological order followed by the link to the full write-up. Once i get all of the past ones up, I’ll then post as I dine and write.

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