Shoto — Toronto (8/2014)


Shōtō is a David Chang/momofuku restaurant that’s been in Toronto for about two years.  It was not in Toronto the last time I had visited the city.  It sits on the top floor of a three-story momofuku food building.  They do the two evening seatings around a counter that surrounds the kitchen area.  It was pretty easy to make a reservation online 30 days in advance.  Prior to going in for my later seating, I asked if I could take photos – they said yes to the food, but no to the chefs.  I was happy because it makes for a better write-up and it will be as close as I can get to documenting the style of food presented at momofuku ko in New York.

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Hedone — London (7/2014)


Hedone was not a restaurant that popped up in any way on my radar.  Instead, it was a recommendation from the proprietors of Kitchen Table.  Fortunately for me, I was able to secure an early dinner reservation less than 24 hours in advance online.  The relatively new restaurant is a recently-awarded 1-star Michelin establishment located in the Chiswick area of London, about a 40-minute journey from the Paddington Tube Station to Chiswick Park via the Underground (Zone 3).  The restaurant itself is on Cheswick High Road, about an easy 7-minute walk from the station. The cuisine focuses on presenting fresh local ingredients.

I had a nice seat at the counter overlooking the open kitchen.

The menu is straightforward.  You can go with a “carte blanche” tasting menu, and they will present you with several courses of the kitchen’s choosing.  Or else, you can pick out options to set up a 5- or 6-course dinner (you can choose to add the bolded item to make it 6 courses).  You have a choice of one of two entrees.  I went with the “carte blanche” option. The menu changes frequently.

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Kitchen Table 5th Visit — London (7/2014)


After so many visits, you might think that perhaps there wouldn’t be much to write about.  However, even though my last visit was less than two months ago, just about everything served was different for this visit.

They continued the practice I had seen on my last visit about an optional longer menu for £12 more.  I, of course, when with the longer menu, as did most people around me from what I could tell.

We started off with a very nice Colchester oyster.  It was served with Meyer lemon rind preserve, chopped nasturtiums, and lime granita.  This was nice because there was a slight sweetness to it, as well as a cold richness, which balanced out the oyster flavor.

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