Alo 4th Visit — Toronto (7/2016)


With this 4th visit, I think I covered all the seasons with this restaurant, and I expected the summer menu to be as good as or even better than the prior visits.  I was not disappointed. I had secured a seat at the Chef’s counter again, so I was getting the full tasting menu.

For starting beverages, I ordered the orange and almond soda and the 2012 Niagara Chardonnay.

There were a few small bites in this presentation:  fontina cheese gougère with fermented jalapeño and caramelized onion powder; radish glazed with brown butter and a little fleur de sel; and fois gras torchon layered with hearts of palm and passion fruit meringue on the inside and coconut cream on the outside. It was a nice variety of different types of bites to get started.

For the first course, I was presented with a Cornish hen terrine with fois gras and morels.  On the side were more morels and espresso orange cream and hazelnuts.

We now shifted away from more traditional French preparations to a sashimi selection:  Striped bass with pickled barley miso; horse mackerel with umeboshi; shia-aji with a vinaigrette of yuzu and sake; grilled Hamachi collar with ginger; and otoro with wasabi.  This was a nice selection of fish with flavor pairings. 

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Momofuku Shoto 9th Visit– Toronto(7/2016)


Mid-summer in the U.S. is not quite peak harvest time in Canada, but it’s still a good time to visit.  The weather had been quite warm the past week.  I was hoping that turned into access to some good local ingredients. 

We started off with a glass of South African sparkling wine, which was very nice.

The snacks started coming soon after I was seated. They did me a great favor and prepared some of the sushi rice bites just for me (no one else got any since it was not on the menu officially).  They did add a different twist with the caviar.  They also served a hot roll.

The next small bite was a cup of sunchokes in a sunchoke consommé.

Next up was a Hudson Bay oyster with a little green chili.

This bite featured crispy cheddar with Worcestershire sauce and was pleasantly crispy outside.

I officially moved to a nice white Burgundy for wine at this point.

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