wd~50 2nd Visit — New York City (3/2014)


About a year ago, I dined at wd~50 and had a great meal.  On a visit to New York last month, I decided to go again and see what the offerings were.  Again I could not book a solo table on Opentable.com (even for a Sunday evening), but I called and they had no issue with accommodating my reservation.  As always, the diner has two options: the Tasting Menu and the Vault Menu.  The Tasting menu is the current selection of dishes offered by the chef of about 13 items.  The Vault is a shorter selection of favorite dishes from the past 10 years.  I decided to go with the full Tasting Menu. They ask for, and will accommodate allergies and food preferences, but I decided to leave the menu as is.

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