Shoto 5th Visit — Toronto (7/2015)


My midsummer visit to Shōtō was meant to take full advantage of the season’s Canadian bounty.  I had seen a few tweets on some of the dishes they have been creating, so I was looking forward to the visit.

They started me off with the first snack of a whole wheat and rye roll, served nice and warm.

For wine, I started off with a glass of the Tasmanian sparkling rosé and then moved to the German Riesling on the menu.

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Momofuku ko 5th Visit — New York City (7/2015)


My prior visit was only a couple of months before.  However, seasons-wise, it’s a very different time of year, especially for restaurants.  So I’m always looking forward to mid-summer visits.  My meal started off with snacks that were very familiar at this point.

The first snack was the pommes soufflé, with the fried potatoes filled with pimento cheese this time.  After that, it was beet tuille with caraway seeds filled with goat cheese and beet, along with compressed apple with yuzu and horseradish and puffed rice. 

The olive oil tartlet had spinach and artichoke this time.  The lobster roll with mint sabayon was the same as before.  The daikon radish wrap was filled with cured arctic char and Thai basil mint with a little jalapeño and is one of my favorites.

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