Bo Innovation — Hong Kong (5/2015)


Bo Innovation has been on my list for some time.  I couldn’t fit it in on the last visit, so it was one of the focal points for this trip.  The style of food (molecular/modernist Chinese) was something I really wanted to experience.  I did not know until afterwards that the restaurant had just earned its third Michelin star with the last Guide update.  To get in, I had my hotel book my reservation about two months in advance.  That did not seem to be a problem, even for the Friday night that I had selected.

The restaurant was not large, with several small tables, a counter that seats 6, and a covered terrace outside (the restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of a building situated on a narrow street.  Upon arrival, I was asked if I wanted to sit at a table or the chef’s counter.  Of course, I selected the counter.  If you do, then you automatically get the Chef’s Counter Menu, which is slightly shorter than the tasting menu that you can opt for when seated elsewhere.

The counter seating had me overlooking the main preparatory/assembly area.

The menu was already at my place setting.  I was given the wine list, from which I selected the Martenot Meursault as my glass for the evening.  On the tasting menu, the blue items are the additional ones that make it the Chef’s Counter Tasting menu.

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momofuku ko 4th Visit — New York (5/2015)


Early May seemed like a good time to go back to New York.  I thought the weather would be warm and the food well into spring ingredients.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as warm as I would have expected or liked, but the ingredients at momofuku ko were definitely shifting into springtime mode.

My opening snacks started off with the pommes soufflé again.  This time, however, they were filled with mezzo secco cheese and topped with some chives.  Again, this was something from lunch that I always liked.  The next snack was compressed apple with horseradish cream and puffed rice ball.  Next to it was beet, cheese and caraway.

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