42 grams 3rd Visit — Chicago (10/2014)


I headed back to 42 grams so I could taste the fall menu. Before I left last time, Chef Jake had hinted at some of the ideas he was tossing around.  My last visit had some really nice and innovative dishes, so I wanted to see what Chef Jake and his team would come up with for the season.  I was not to be disappointed. From the introduction of the snacks centerpiece, I already saw that things might be changed up more than I would have expected.

 The snack course had an autumn look and some familiar items. There was the sweet Vidalia onion parchment, as well as the salmon skin chip dusted with malt vinegar and a little toberashi.  Instead of the flax seed-kale chip, we had a sheep’s milk Pecorino chip.  In the past, the Pecorino chip was part of a cheese course that goes back to the Sous Rising days.  So, I knew I was in for more surprises.

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