Dinner Lab SF — San Francisco (3/2014)


I finally signed up for my first San Francisco Dinner Lab event.  I attended my first event in LA in November.  The ones in SF started in January, but the dates never worked or the menu was not appealing enough until this one.  On the original announcement, it appeared they were going to do 2 or three seatings.  When it opened up, I went for the first seating at 7:30pm.  Subsequently, it appeared they didn’t get enough sign-ups for later seatings, so there was only one that was done.

A few days before, I received an email asking for any food allergies.  On the day before the event, I received the address.   It was to be in a building that turned out to be a Sports Basement store.  When I arrived, I thought it might be right on the floor with all the merchandise.  It turns out there was a room downstairs.  I checked in at the door and then was told how to get to the dining area.  I was checked in again there.  Unlike, in LA, I did not have to sign anything, including a waiver of liability.

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