Degustation 2nd Visit — New York City (8/2013)



I had dined at Degustation only a few weeks prior.  But I returned on a business and opted to try it again with a colleague/friend who had expressed an interest after reading the write-up from the first visit.  Instead of a very late dinner on a weekend, this was an early dinner on a Tuesday night.  We were seated at the center of the counter will full view of the cooking and prep areas.  It also was not full, so the noise level was not very high. My friend was feeling adventurous, so we went with the tasting menu.  I started off with a glass of the offered Riesling.

 I didn’t get a picture of the wine list last time.  It is part wine-tasting bar, so the list is pretty extensive for a small place.

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Degustation — New York City (7/2013)



I read about Degustation a few months ago, and for a trip to New York, I needed a late dinner spot for my flight arrival date.  The website described an appealing, informal place specializing in Spanish tapas-style cooking.  It’s not really a molecular cuisine restaurant (although there was foam on one dish).  But I liked the food and the experience, so I wanted to write it up anyway for the collection.  I made a reservation for 9:30 pm.  The restaurant is small, with only seating for about 20 at a counter surrounding the kitchen area.

 My seat was not free when my reservation time came.  However, they offered me a glass of wine while I sat and waited for about 10 minutes.  As the menu shows, the format is all small plates.  On the flip side of the menu was an extensive wine list.  They offer a 7-course tasting menu which was described as a collection of the chef’s daily creations.  A few were from the a la carte menu.

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