Kitchen Table 4th Visit — London (6/2014)


Kitchen Table has become one of my go-to places.  If I am in London, I feel like I don’t want to miss an opportunity to dine there.  The food, format, price and ambience suit my dining tastes very well.  On this visit, they altered the format a little in that there were additional options for the menu for a set price.  The chef had found too many ingredients that he wanted to use, yet not everyone would necessarily want to pay more and eat more, so they had it set up as a dining option.  Of course, I went with the full longer menu, with all the items in parentheses included.

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Amass — Copenhagen (6/2014)


Amass opened a little less than a year ago. I heard about it in an article on Copenhagen food and new restaurants being started up by Noma alumni.   Its location is a little off the beaten path.  It seemed like it would be a bit more casual place judging from their website.  Since it had a relatively short menu, I thought it would fit well for a late dinner after lunch at Geranium.  I had no problem booking as a solo diner on their website.  They also advertised a “community table”, serving their long menu and meant to bring together groups of non-acquaintances to share the dining experience.  The restaurant is only about an 11-minute bus ride from the Christianhavn Metro stop, but it seemed a world away from Copenhagen proper.  The restaurant even grows many of its herbs and garnishes right outside the back door.

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Geranium — Copenhagen (6/2014)


Geranium has been on my list for a little while. It’s a Michelin 2-star restaurant located on the 8th floor of a soccer stadium complex.  However, rather than overlook the playing field, the view is of a large park.  They have reservation booking with on their site.  For my purposes (solo diner), I found it easier to book a table for lunch than for dinner.  This worked well for me, as they recently began offering the long menu for lunch as an option, and when I inquired as to what the differences were between the long lunch menu and the dinner menu, they said there were none.

I was seated at Table #1.  I had a nice view of the kitchen.

For an opening beverage, I opted for juice instead of wine or champagne. It was Ingrid Marien apple juice.

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