Kitchen Table 4th Visit — London (6/2014)


Kitchen Table has become one of my go-to places.  If I am in London, I feel like I don’t want to miss an opportunity to dine there.  The food, format, price and ambience suit my dining tastes very well.  On this visit, they altered the format a little in that there were additional options for the menu for a set price.  The chef had found too many ingredients that he wanted to use, yet not everyone would necessarily want to pay more and eat more, so they had it set up as a dining option.  Of course, I went with the full longer menu, with all the items in parentheses included.

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Kitchen Table 3rd Visit — London (11/2013)


I was eager to return yet again to Kitchen Table.  I have always liked the experiences and this would be a very different season.  So I imagined the menu would be very different than prior visits.  I was not disappointed.  It was a little bit on an unusual evening though.  Due to a kitchen problem, they had to move everyone from the first seating to the second seating.  We all still fit around the counter, but with the one seating, we all were served at the same time, so kitchen procedures and activities were a little different than I had seen before.  There were less staff working in the kitchen, and timing was different as more plates had to be prepared for simultaneous serving.

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Kitchen Table — London (4/2013)



I found out about Kitchen Table in a travel magazine about new restaurants in London.  It has been open for about three months, and is located downstairs from the main restaurant/bar establishment called Bubbledogs (which, uniquely, serves hot dogs and champagne).  Kitchen Table is a 19-seat counter where dinner is served in the form of a tasting menu. They take reservations on line and split the seating into two sessions.

 The menu is really just a list of primary ingredients posted on the chalkboard.  These can change daily (and can even change on the fly, as the cheese served that evening was not the one listed for the course).

 The kitchen was interesting as there were no open flames.  The entire burner section was induction heating.

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