Coi 2nd Visit — San Francisco (10/2013)


I decided I wanted to go back to Coi.  It had been about two years since my first visit.  They are still on, and I managed to book a 5:30 pm reservation on a Saturday night.  They have maintained their 2-star Michelin rating, and I wanted to see whether anything had changed.  Upon my arrival, I was promptly taken to my table.  I was the first guest of the evening to arrive.  After I was asked whether I wanted sparkling or still water, a champagne flute soon arrived and they offered to pour a glass of what I took to be the house champagne (French, mostly Chablis, premier cru), which I accepted.  The General Manager came by soon after to welcome me to the restaurant.  Subsequently, after other guests arrived a little while later, I noticed that none of the other tables received the same treatment.  I thought that perhaps they were trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible as a solo diner.  I know that it wasn’t because this was a return visit, as I was asked a couple of times later in the evening if this was my first visit (which surprised me, as I would have thought such information would have been conveyed in the reservation by

I was presented with the menus (wine, cocktails, and the tasting menu) was asked to let them know if I had any allergies, dietary restrictions or aversions.  I told them that I really wasn’t much of a lamb eater, and they said they would check with the chef for alternatives.                        

 I had thought about ordering a glass of the offered Riesling, but I decided to wait and see how long the champagne would last through the courses.

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Coi — San Francisco (9/2011)


I’ve occasionally been accused of ignoring the food in my home town.  In some ways, that is true, since I tend not to eat out as much when not traveling.  But a recent comment by our local food critic prompted me to check for availability at Coi (pronounced “kwa”), and I was able to secure a place (they only have 10 tables) on a night prior to a trip departure (so no work the next day).  I did not use flash and the room was bathed in a beige light, hence the subdued photos.

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