Maremoto — Berlin (12/2012)



When I searched the internet for molecular cuisine restaurants in Berlin earlier this year, two names came up – Reinstoff (which I visited a few months ago) and Maremoto.  This second trip to berlin was a last-minute plan, so I only had a week in advance to try for a reservation.  Fortunately, I was able to secure one for the Friday night that I would be there.  Chef Cristiano Reinzner spent some time at El Bulli, so my expectations were for some innovative dishes.

The menu offers a la carte selections, as well as different sizes of tasting menu experiences.  I went with the longest one, which was 9 courses.  Although it is listed as being priced with wine pairings, I was able to opt out of the pairings and they reduced my price.  But even with the wine pairings, the “aperitif” (in my case, a glass of champagne) is not included.

The restaurant is on the small side, normally set up with several small tables.  However, on my night, they were expecting a party of 14, so they were all grouped together in the center of the main room, and I was off to one side (we were the only diners that I saw that evening).  The restaurant had a low-light atmosphere throughout, so the photos are not of the best quality.

While I was enjoying my champagne, they delivered a bread basket consisting of whole wheat sourdough and pretzel bread.  The accompaniments were a fresh-tasting Greek olive oil and butter with sea salt.

For the full write-up, click here.


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