42 grams (formerly Sous Rising) — Chicago (1/2014)


42 grams is the newly-opened brick and mortar version of Sous Rising.  As soon as they announced when they would be opening, I worked in a trip to Chicago so I could see the new place.  I did not plan it to be their very first meal in the new establishment, but given the weather happenings of that past week and other things, I was part of the first eight to dine at the new restaurant.  They plan for two seatings, and I had signed up for the later one at 8:30, which is the one they ended up having anyway.

The restaurant is actually just downstairs from where they used to serve.  The opening configuration looks very nice – homey and welcoming.  In addition to a large dining table, there is a counter for the second seating overlooking the kitchen area.

 As tradition goes, the centerpiece provides the opening crispy snacks.  At the counter, each pair of seats had a presentation.  The snacks included Vidalia onion paper, flax seed puffed chip dusted with kale and togarashi, and salmon skin fried and dusted with potato powder (like fish and chips).

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Sous Rising 3rd Visit — Chicago (11/2013)


I made one last trek to Sous Rising to attend their 2nd to last dinner as a guestaurant.  They hope to open a brick-and-mortar dining room in a few months.  Originally, they had announced their final dinners to be in October.  Unfortunately, my schedule did not work to get me out to Chicago during that time.  But they eventually posted an additional dining slot the first Friday in November, which I could attend, so I made plans for a quick trip.

There were to be 10 of us for dinner.  A few were rescheduled from prior attempts, and no one was a repeat diner except for me.  My first time was in early spring and the second visit was in late spring.  I was eagerly anticipating what might be in store for a fall menu, especially if it was to be one of the final meals offered in this format.

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Sous Rising 2nd Visit — Chicago (5/2013)



I set up this second visit to the Sous Rising guestaurant just two months after my first visit.  I was headed to Chicago anyway and since it was well into spring then, I wanted to see what they would do with some different ingredients.  Again, since I was coming solo, I did not bring any alcoholic beverages.  But they were nice enough to pour a nice Riesling for me, which I had with most of the meal.

 Our meal started off with a forage through the centerpiece.  What were edible were two kinds of chips.  The spotted one had flax seed in it and the darker, solid-colored one was sweet onion paper.

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Sous Rising — Chicago (3/2013)



Sous Rising Chicago is a “guestaurant” I read about in an email newsletter article about pop-ups and guestaurants around the world.  In this case, the people behind Sous Rising Chicago have a waiting list/subscription where  you can sign up for notifications when table slots are available for the selected evenings they serve (usually twice per week now).  From the description of past meals, I thought this would be in line with my cuisine palate these days. You purchase your slot in advance for a specific date (PayPal or credit card), and on the day before (at least in my case), you get an email with directions to their location (their apartment in urban Chicago) and the planned menu (so you can bring your own wine or other beverages).  Dinner starts at around 7 pm.

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