Studio at The Standard — Copenhagen (6/2015)


Studio at the Standard was mentioned in an article about food in Copenhagen last year.  So it’s been on my list.  It has one Michelin star, and the chef is another alumnus of Noma who has opened up a restaurant in Copenhagen. They have an online reservation system and it was easy to book early.  It’s located upstairs in a building that houses a few food and drink establishments.  It’s right on the water, just around the corner from the Nyhavn area.

As a solo diner, they gave me a seat at the counter overlooking the kitchen area.

There is only the tasting menu.  While I was deciding on wine, they brought me something to start with.

This was gooseberry granita served with a little pine oil.  At the counter, they poured some gooseberry juice.  The tart/sweet flavors definitely got the palate ready to go.

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