Castagna — Portland OR (4/2016)


After booking my reservation at Farm Spirit, I searched for modernist cuisine restaurants in Portland.  Castagna came up as a possibility.  They were bookable on and had availability for my free night, so it was easy enough to get a reservation.  I have to apologize for the sub-optimal photos.  This was my first use of a new camera which was supposed to allow for better pictures, but I obviously have to learn how to use it first!

The restaurant offers two tasting menus:  a Chef’s tasting menu and a Seasonal tasting menu.  The latter is a subset of the longer menu. During the reservation process, they ask if you know which menu is your probable choice.

They offered one buy-up option on the menu:  Japanese A5 wagyu beef could be substituted for the listed beef course for an additional $35.  I selected that option.

The dining environment was a standard white-tablecloth modern setting.

For my wine choice, I selected the white Burgundy they had paired up with the halibut.

The meal started with several snacks.  The first one was a beet chip, presented as pictured on the left.  I turned it over to reveal the smoked beef tartare.  There was a little bit of spicy hotness at the end.

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