Geranium — Copenhagen (6/2014)


Geranium has been on my list for a little while. It’s a Michelin 2-star restaurant located on the 8th floor of a soccer stadium complex.  However, rather than overlook the playing field, the view is of a large park.  They have reservation booking with on their site.  For my purposes (solo diner), I found it easier to book a table for lunch than for dinner.  This worked well for me, as they recently began offering the long menu for lunch as an option, and when I inquired as to what the differences were between the long lunch menu and the dinner menu, they said there were none.

I was seated at Table #1.  I had a nice view of the kitchen.

For an opening beverage, I opted for juice instead of wine or champagne. It was Ingrid Marien apple juice.

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