Frances 2nd Visit — San Francisco (8/2013)



A couple of days earlier, I decided to see if I could get in on a Saturday night.  I was fortunate enough to get a 5pm reservation for an early dinner.  I wanted to try Frances again after about two years (and one Michelin star) since my first visit.  Last time, I picked four non-entrée dishes for my meal.  This time, after a look at the menu, I decided to order more traditionally.  There were some items on the menu from my first visit.

 I order a glass of the Riesling to start off the meal.  I was disappointed there were no roasted cocktail almonds this time.  I remember I really liked them on my first visit.  I could have used them too.  The wine I ordered was by far the sweetest Riesling I’ve ever had (which says a lot since I generally don’t mind wines on the sweeter side).

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Frances — San Francisco (9/2011)



Frances in SF has been much written about.  It’s a tough table to get.  It’s a small place.  But I managed to grab a slot on in advance on a Thursday night (about a month in advance) at opening time (right after work for me), so it worked out.  Below is the menu.  I am not sure why the bouches are a different section than appetizers since I discovered they are not any smaller a serving.  They do not have the tasting menu format, so I kind of created my own as I was not highly interested in getting an entrée that would cut back on the different things I could order.  I probably ordered too much food since the portions were not “tasting menu size.”  Also, I learned that a lot of thought goes into a true tasting menu – it’s not just a collection of small plates.  There are considerations of texture, flavor, temperature and appearance that go into the selection and presentation of such a collection of dishes that affects the quality of the experience.  In this case, the offerings I selected appealed to me, but they were kind of all a similar texture and were delivered in the order they appear on the menu, resulting in a less than optimal experience for me.  The food certainly was good and local-sourced as much as possible.  So it’s definitely worth the effort to visit this Michelin one-star restaurant.

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