Atelier Crenn 2nd Visit — San Francisco (9/2016)


I had visited Atelier Crenn almost exactly three years ago. Dominique Crenn’s story was the subject of an episode of Chef’s table on Netflix, and that prompted me to go back for a visit. I liked my first experience very much, so I was looking forward to my return. They changed from using to Resy as their booking system. I was able to secure an early seating for a Friday dinner a few weeks in advance.

As before, there was no menu, just a poem, with each line referencing a course. The wine list format was different in that all the by-the-glass choices for the whole meal were on one page. Now, it was compartmentalized into a more familiar format. I went with the Chassagne-Montrachet Chardonnay this time, which I thought was among the better Montrachets that I have tried.

There was still a longer selection of half-bottles than usually seen.

The meal started off with the traditional (for here) apple cider inside a delicate cocoa butter shell topped with a little crème de cassis.

Soon after, a very delicate preparation of potato dusted with seaweed with a little maple butter was presented.

Along with the potato was Hokkaido uni with golden Osetra caviar with ginger and carrot curd. This had a touch of sweetness to it.

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Atelier Crenn — San Francisco (9/2013)


Dominique Crenn is the only 2-star Michelin female chef in the U.S.  I did not know that when I made a reservation.  I was looking for a “home town” restaurant at the last minute over the weekend. To get a list of options, I searched on molecular cuisine. I could have gone back and revisited some places, but Atelier Crenn came up as a choice and I felt like trying a new place.  And, it was available for booking for an early dinner just a couple of days in advance on  They call what they do “poetic cuisine”.  Instead of a menu, diners are presented with a poem.  On-line, they indicated there were two menus – a five-course Signature menu and a Grand Tasting Menu (about 11 courses).  On the evening I visited, they were only offering the Grand Tasting menu (which was what I was going to have anyway).

When seated, diners are presented with a poem that represents the meal for the evening.  It does not have dishes or ingredients.

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