Shoto 7th Visit — Toronto (12/2015)


It was a nice time for a late Fall visit to Toronto.  The weather was actually temperate for a December weekend.  And for this trip, I was staying at the attached hotel, so when I was done, which turned out to be fairly late, I didn’t even have to go outside to get back to my room.

I was greeting promptly with a porcini bread roll, which was very nice.

Chris, the sommelier, pointed out that he had not changed the rare pours from my prior visit.  He recommended that I go with the Chenin Blanc.  This would not have been a natural choice for me, but he made the recommendation based on knowing the kind of wines I had selected and liked in the past.

Before my wine was poured (on the right), he brought out a sherry that he wanted me to try with the small bites on the menu.  It was dry with a nice rich body and pleasant flavor.

The snacks continued with the grilled sushi rice with toasted nori and back to pork fat  Next was East Coast oyster with house fermented hot sauce. This was followed by crispy fried chicken tail with some chili.

The soup was carrot, crab and curry. There was a touch of sweetness and a touch of spiciness for contrast.

We then had a simple bite of grilled duck heart and celery.

For the full write-up, click here.


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