Tippling Club — Singapore (12/2015)


Tippling Club came up on a search just prior to an earlier visit to Singapore.  Unfortunately, my visit then did not coincide with the restaurant’s serving days.  So, when I planned my winter trip to Singapore, I made sure I had a reservation in advance, which was easy to do via email.  The restaurant is located near Chinatown, a quick walk from that station through the heart of that section, and then down Tanjong Pagar Road.

At first, they sat me at the counter halfway in front of a wall that divided the kitchen into two parts.  Soon after, they said they had a cancellation so that I could move over one seat.

They poured a little water on the white tablet in front of me, and it grew into an oshibori cold towel.

The menu book had the cocktails and wine lists.

They also presented the two choices for menus.  The classic menu was shorter by about a third.  There were a few overlaps in the courses.  I went with the gourmand option.

For my wine choice, I selected a glass of their custom-labelled grüner veltliner from Austria, which worked out fine with the meal.

Soon after my wine was poured, the first bite arrived.  It was a crunchy tomato and anchovy sandwich.  It had a bit of chewiness to it, which was nice.

The next bite was a wild mushroom roll with aioli mayonnaise, served warm and had a slight crunch to it.  The pipette had vinaigrette to squeeze onto the roll.

For the full write-up, click here.


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