Restaurant Kei — Paris (6/2016)


I had been targeting this restaurant for over a year.  The last time I was in Paris, I was not able to get a reservation.  This time, it was much easier.  I just sent an email and they confirmed.  From the pictures and description, the cuisine of French-Japanese fusion looked to be very much what I like to experience. They only do one seating at each table (staggered times), and they also serve lunch.

The restaurant is located a few blocks north of the Louvre, so it was easy to find.  I had an early evening reservation, so I was seated soon after I arrived.  They asked if I wanted Champagne to start, but I decided I would stick with wine.  They offered a Meursault by the glass, so I couldn’t resist.

Before we got to the menu decisions, they brought some small bites to go with my pre-dinner drink.  These included a cockerel (in the bowl), hibiscus ice (in the spoon) and a white fish gougère (pastry puff).  This was a nice variety of flavors and temperatures to start.

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Sur Mesure — Paris (12/2014)



For some time now, I had identified a restaurant in Paris where the use of modernist cuisine techniques was a strong part of the menu.  Chef Thierry Marx has such a restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel called Sur Mesure, or so at least that’s what my searches seemed to indicate.  I worked in a visit to Paris over my winter holiday and secured a reservation via email for dinner.

 The restaurant is behind a huge glass door on the lobby level of the hotel.  The décor can be described as ultra-modern and simple.

 The tables were arranged around a small art arrangement which seemed to be set out in an open-air central room (I couldn’t tell for sure as it was dark).  I was offered the opportunity to order some champagne, and I selected the rosé.  Soon after, some crispy snacks were brought to the table, along with the menu rolled up with a napkin ring.

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