momofuku nishi 2nd visit — New York City (5/2016)


I had been a few months since my first visit.  Given it was a Sunday night, I had few options, so nishi was just about an automatic pick.  I also knew that some of the menu items would have changed by then.  Even though there is no tasting menu, the chef and I collaborate to come up with a nice sequence of dishes.

For wine with dinner, I went with the Chardonnay from the Margaret River Region of Australia, which I thought was pretty nice.  I liked it better than most California Chardonnays.

The first dish was not on the evening’s menu.  There were some ingredients left from when it was offered on the menu, but not enough to keep it there, so I was able to have it.  This was fluke crudo with grapefruit and orange segments and some balsamic vinegar.  This was a nice palate starter.

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momofuku nishi — New York (2/2016)


Momofuku nishi is the newest New York restaurant from the restaurant group.  It is not like ko in that it’s a more casual place, with room for both walk-ins and reservations, and a totally a la carte menu (and no tipping restaurant).  That being said, the chef and one of the sous chefs are well –known to me because they came from ko.  So, despite it not being a tasting menu restaurant, I wanted to give the place a try. 

While I could have tried walking in for a late dinner, I did make a reservation on the website.  Upon arrival, they took me to a counter seat at the bar just outside the kitchen.

I started off picking a few things from the menu.  Since I was unfamiliar with the menu, I wasn’t sure what I might like or how big the portions would be.  I picked the Spanish mackerel tataki, Ceci e Pepe pasta dish, and the shaved winter vegetables. I also ordered a glass of the Australian Chardonnay (2013 Vasse Felix – which was pretty good).

After I placed my order, Chef Josh Pinsky came out and we talked about the menu.  We talked about some other things I might want to try.  He wanted to bring out a few of the other items for me to try, and then we would see how much more I might want to order.

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