Morimoto 2nd Visit — Maui (1/2016)


A quick visit to Maui gave me a chance to test out whether Morimoto would indeed prepare me a different Omakase menu upon my return.  It was actually my choice, so I made sure they knew I wanted to give me a different lineup and that I was selecting the upgraded menu.

They didn’t have a Meursault as a special reserve pour this time (only a bottle), so I went with the Puligny-Montrachet.

With the upgraded menu, you receive an amuse bouche.  For this visit, it was crab wrapped with local mango, citrus slices, chili oil and some shiso leaves.  It had a nice crab flavor.

Next up was the same modernist presentation of sashimi.  Last time, it was otoro (tuna belly).  This time it was hamachi (collar and loin of the yellowtail).  The sauces/accoutrements were the same:  nori paste, wasabi, sour cream, guacamole, Maui onion and rice crackers. In the cup was a bit of soy sauce dashi, and to the left of it was a small Japanese fruit called a yamamomo (red bayberry) to have afterwards as a palate refresher.

The next course was scallop carpaccio, served slightly warmed by the hot oil in a ginger garlic yuzu sauce.  On top were some sliced kabocha and mushrooms.  This was sealed with hot olive and sesame oil.

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Morimoto — Maui (2/2015)


A last-minute trip to Maui and the desire to check out the relatively new Andaz Maui led me to have dinner at the Morimoto restaurant on Maui since it’s on property at the Andaz.  Their website indicated that they offered an Omakase tasting menu, and they were easy enough to book online via  It sounded like a place where modernist techniques would be used to some extent to prepare some of the dishes.

The restaurant has both outdoor and indoor seating – I opted for sitting inside since it had been a little breezy during the day.  The restaurant is located in a building separate from the hotel between the hotel and the beach among the multi-level pools.

Their wine list offered a set of premium pours, so I decided to try the white burgundy on the list.  It was a good choice even if it started to taste oaky to me as the meal progressed and the temperature of the wine warmed.  I thought they were generous with the 2 oz. pour, perhaps in part because they had tried to squeeze out the pour with an empty nitrogen canister and had to swap mid-pour.

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