Juni — New York City (9/2013)


This restaurant was brought to my attention by a friend.  The restaurant had only opened a few weeks before my visit.  It was listed on OpenTable.com and was easy to book.  From the initial description, it looked like a restaurant with the appropriate cuisine for me.

The restaurant was divided into two rooms. I had an early reservation because of a show I was attending later, so it was pretty empty for the first part of my meal.  The atmosphere was quiet ambience, although it might have been too quiet, as when other patrons arrived, their conversations from across the room carried pretty well.

There were three options for ordering.  One could order the 10-course tasting menu. Or, one could order a 4- or 6-course menu where you select from a list of items (different than what was listed on the 10-course menu) to construct your own meal.  The menu photos aren’t very clear, unfortunately.  But the listings are not very descriptive.  They just list the main components to each of the offered dishes.

The wine list by-the-glass list was of average length.  They offered a Riesling from the Finger Lakes region of New York State, so I went with that to start off the meal.

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