Eden Hill 4th Visit — Seattle (4/2019)


This visit to Eden Hill completed the cycle for me regarding trying the menus for all four seasons. Up front, we were told there would be 24 courses. So, with the warmer weather of springtime, I was anticipating smaller and lighter courses, rather than the larger and heartier courses from winter.
As expected, the wine list had some changes, with a few interesting-looking wines by the glass.

To start off, I selected the 1996 Spanish Rioja. I also picked the rosemary tattoo this time.
The first bite offered was a tartare of Shikoku oyster and wintergreen scallop. This was mixed with a kosho vinaigrette (yuzu-kosho is a blend of chilis fermented with salt and yuzu juice and zest. The liquid nitrogen kept things cool and made for an attention-getting opening.

In the rear was a puffed salmon skin chicharrons with salmon tartare, sorrel and . Up front was a scallop chip with scallops, caviar, crème fraiche and madrone bark.
The next presentation was a sweet tuile in a cone shape with oxalis daisy salad at the bottom, Anderson Ranch lamb tartare, and garden flowers at the top.

Next was a one-bite play on a Cubano sandwich, served as a croquet and made with shoulder bacon.
This was followed by a tasty fried quail leg, served on empty quail eggs.

The next bite was a piece of fresh focaccia fried and served with Chilean shrimp tartare made with fresh lemon and soy sauce infused with the roasted shrimp heads. The mayonnaise on the bottom was made from a demi-glace of the shrimp bodies. Frying the bread provided a nice texture contrast.
The next plate featured a halibut ceviche served with local white asparagus and lemon segments poached in lemon syrup.

For the full write-up, click here.

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