Farm Spirit 3rd Visit — Portland OR (10/2016)


I managed to find the time to make a Fall visit to Farm Spirit.  There were some physical changes to the space.  But they had also changed the format, which I did not realize.  When booking, I had noticed that the early seating was cheaper than the late seating.  I figured this was just reservation management, but I found out that the earlier seating had a smaller number of courses. When I bought the ticket for the dinner, I also pre-purchased the alcoholic pairings.

They put up some new shelving since the last visit.

We started out with some homemade rye bread and olive oil butter.

This was followed by mushroom tea, which was made by steeping dried porcini mushrooms and adding a little bit of chive.

The next dish was a kohlrabi taco, made with a kohlrabi slice and filled with walnuts spiced with cumin and allium, cultured cream made from pepita (pumpkin) seeds and some cilantro for garnish. This was a nice combination of crunchy texture and creaminess.

The next course was a herb fritter made with flour and kohlrabi shavings, with dill and fermented sunflower cream.

For the full write-up, click here


Next up was a beet salad with roasted golden beets dressed with pinot noir vinegar and hazelnut oil, and garnished with, fermented mushrooms and fried hazelnuts, smoked kestrel beet purée, komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), and a yogurt made from hazelnut milk enriched with fermented mushrooms.

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