Shoto 11th Visit — Toronto (10/2016)


This was the first time I came back to dine within a month.  I wasn’t sure how much things would change, although they had assured me that they probably would change some things just from the seasonal change in ingredient availability. 

I had tried the nice French wine before, so I decided to go with the unusual German white Pinot Noir.  It was interesting since it tasted of Pinot but with a much lighter feel. I wondered what might happen if it aged a little.

We started off a little differently this time, as there was no warm roll or oyster presented first.  Instead, I was served a warm shellfish chawanmushi with pickled ramps.

The second bite that quickly followed was the oyster, served with green chili, which gave it a significant spicy kick at the end.

The next presentation was new and was offered to me as a test (they were going to serve it later at a private dinner event but it wasn’t yet on the menu).  It was a roll made with dry-aged beef and filled with sushi rice, pickled turnips and mustard green. It was brushed with a light soy sauce and rendered fat.  The mild spiciness provided a nice flavor to ensure it wasn’t too rich.

The next dish was also new and was a very warm smoked mackerel fritter with parsley and nori.  This was also very tasty.

The next small bite presented was an anchovy and parsley bun.

For the full write-up, click here.

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