momofuku ko 14th Visit — New York City (9/2016)


I wasn’t sure what to expect from my late-summer visit.  I did know that they had been closed and on vacation and that this was going to be their first weekend back after the time off.  I already saw some different things as soon as I sat down (large round eggplants on the grill).

After looking over the wine list, I decided to go with some Champagne that looked particularly nice.

We started off with the very familiar pommes soufflé.  This time, they were filled with herbed crème fraiche and dusted with green garlic powder.  The lobster roll that came after was the same as before – made with Thai basil and mint sabayon.

Next up was the always-good chicken oyster with white kimchi granita. This was followed by black bass tartare with fish consommé gel, shiso, finger chilies and finger limes for light flavors and nice texture changes.

The next presentation was the Hokkaido uni with chickpea purée, chickpea hozon and Sicilian olive oil.

For the full write-up, click here.


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