Farm Spirit 2nd Visit — Portland (7/2016)


My first visit to Farm Spirit was in the late spring. I wanted to come back during mid-summer to see the full range of ingredients that they would be using to construct their menus.  I had booked a reservation for the late seating on a Friday.  A few days before I was scheduled to be there, I received an email from the chef asking for a favor – could I switch to the earlier seating because someone during my seating needed an extra seat at the last minute for a family member.  Since my schedule was flexible, I readily agreed.  The party was so grateful, that they paid for me to have the wine pairings with my meal.  As I had already pre-ordered the non-alcoholic pairing (which I really wanted to have), I opted to have both pairings with dinner.

The meal started with a carrot snack.  This was carrot custard with carrot tartare in the middle.  On top was carrot foam, carrot leaf and a carrot flower.

The beverage pairings were a blueberry spritzer made with blueberry vinegar, juniper and herbs and a Crémant de Loire (sparkling wine from the Loire region in France).

For the full write-up, click here.


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