Momofuku ko 11th Visit — New York City (7/2016)


My last visit was in the late spring, so I was looking forward to the mid-summer menu experience.  I know they were still experimenting with changes, and with more choices to choose from during the summer as far as ingredients go, I was anticipating having some really nice food.

The wine list had a new white listed.  It was a three-year-old white Burgundy from Mâcon. Having just returned from France, I knew the wine was from the area just south of where I had toured.  Because of that familiarity, I decided it would be worth a try.  I ended up liking it, preferring it to a lot of Chablis wines that I have tried.

The snacks that started off the evening had a familiar look.  The pomme soufflés were filled with herb ricotta and grilled spring onion powder this time and very tasty.  The lobster roll with Thai basil and mint sabayon was the same.

The chicken oyster with kimchi granita shooter was also the same as the prior visit and just as good.

For the full write-up, click here.


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