42 grams 9th Visit — Chicago (6/2016)


My last visit was in mid-March, still very much in the late winter/early spring menu time period.  It was now time for a mid-summer visit.  Since I was dining solo again, I went for the later seating, especially since it was my flight arrival day.  Inspired by my last visit to Kitchen table, I found a white Rioja that I wanted to give a try.  It wasn’t quite as good, but it still was nice enough to have with dinner.

The meal started off with the return of a favorite ingredient of mine – fried corn silk.  For this dish it garnished a Golden Nugget oyster from Washington State.  This sits on a sweet corn panna cotta and a piece of crispy speck (Applewood smoked). The final garnish with the silk was a celery leaf.  The slight crunchiness and sweetness made the bite much more interesting than just having mostly oyster in the bite.  

At the bottom of the bowl, there was a kombucha gelée (tea made from stems and leaves).  There was also a small dollop of tofu cream.  Diced carabinero (Spanish scarlet prawn) was placed on top of the gelée, along with a froth made from a broth based on the cleaned prawn heads. The noodles were crispy rice noodles, dusted with nori and phytoplankton.

For the full write-up, click here.


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