Kos-I — Lyon (6/2016)


Lyon is renowned as the food capital of France.  However, in my short stay in the city, rather than go for traditional Lyonnaise cuisine, I opted to look for the same kind of thing that I always seek.  Kos-I was a place that popped up on a search.  I set up the reservation not too far in advance from their website, as I wanted to make sure it was easily accessible, as it was outside of the central part of Lyon.  In fact, it turned out to be in a business park area, where I had to take a subway to the end of the line and then board a bus for a 7-minute ride.

The restaurant itself is set on the second floor of a large building.  The first floor houses an elaborate race car simulation amusement ride. They serve both lunch and dinner.  For dinner, you can order à la carte or a tasting menu with different numbers of courses.  I went with the full Dégustation tasting menu.

To go with the meal, I had a white Beaujolais, as it was Beaujolais week I was told.

The meal started off with lamb, white asparagus, potatoes and anchovies.  There was some mustard for a little spiciness to this cold dish and some mayonnaise.

For the full write-up, click here.


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