Momofuku ko — New York City (5/2016)


It was time for the menu to edge into spring a little (but only a little since the weather had been unusually cold for the spring so far). This was a return to lunch, as they started offering a lunch service Thursdays through-Saturdays.  Unlike before though, the menu for lunch is the same as dinner.  There is however, only one seating per position for lunch.  Even though it was lunch, I did order a glass of white Burgundy.

We started off with some puffed snacks.  There was a white cheddar Cheez-it puff, as well as a couple of pomme soufflés filled with sour cream and onion.

The next bite was the familiar lobster roll with the mint sabayon sauce.

The next snack was the deep-fried chicken oyster with honey- mustard powder.  This came with a kimchi granita chaser with white bean and horseradish.

This dish was a slight variation on what I’ve had many times before.  This was black bass tartare (instead of madai) with fish bone consommé gel, finger limes, finger chilies, wild radish flowers, and shiso spray.

For the full write-up, click here.


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