L’Appart — New York City (5/2016)


L’Appart also showed up on a listing of places to try this spring.  It’s located inside something called Le District, which simulates a small French marketplace (but in a mall). 

The restaurant accepts reservations through the Yelp reservation system.  The system did not let me make a solo diner reservation, so I wrote them via email and they adjusted my reservation without any issue. The chef is from France and the food is seasonal modernist French.

The restaurant is not very big.  There are only a few tables and they are generally spaced far apart.  The overall theme is meant to evoke the feeling of dining in a home-style setting.  As they were seating me, they offered me a drink.  They called it a French martini and it consisted of cold Vermouth and frozen grapes.

There is a tasting menu (only) with the options of selecting one, two, or three entrée-type dishes at increasing pricing of the menu and with portion adjustments, depending how many are selected. I skipped the veal selection and went with the two main-course option and no cheese course.

As one might expect at a French restaurant, there was quite a wine list offered.  Unfortunately, no Meursault wines were offered by the glass.  So I settled on a glass of a Latour white Burgundy.

The meal started off with some snacks.  First up was a cucumber mint gazpacho, garnished with a brioche crouton and Espelette pepper oil.  This was followed by Alaskan King crab on a crispy wonton strip with a Granny Smith apple “cloud.”

For the full write-up, click here.


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