Farm Spirit — Portland OR (4/2016)


I saw a short write-up on this restaurant just after it opened and decided I wanted to try it.  The cuisine is billed as fine-dining vegan, with an emphasis on using local ingredients.  They only serve a tasting menu with two main seating times (split into two sub-seatings).  They use Tock as their booking system and dinners are pre-paid.  You can pre-pay for the wine pairings or decide to order it when you dine.

The venue is all counter seating, where each sub-seating can handle up to six people (or maybe more with the two chairs at the end).

Obviously the menu is vegetarian only, but they did ask if I had any allergies.

There was a menu and place card for each place setting.  The reverse side of the menu had the pairings choices.  For this meal, I opted for the non-alcoholic one.

To get us started right away, they served a hot Whistle Red Fife roll with Oregon Olive Mill Arbequina olive oil and Jacobsen sea salt. Red fife wheat was the preferred bread wheat in North America in the 19th Century.  The bread was softly crusty on the outside and chewy at the same time.

For the full write-up, click here.


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