Mosu — San Francisco (3/2016)


Mosu is a restaurant that just opened in San Francisco.  I got word of it from a newsletter I get.  The pedigree of the chef (including time at The French Landry and Benu), and the proposed tasting menu of Asian-inspired dishes caught my interest.  They are located on Fillmore St. very near the intersection with Geary.  Reservations are made via the website. The restaurant is not well-marked on the outside.

The restaurant only seats 18 people total.  Downstairs, there was a table for 4 and two two-tops.  The rest of the seating was upstairs on a loft level (curtained and walled off).

Upon arrival, they offered a glass of Champagne, which was very good.  The tasting menu was already on the table, as was the wine list.  I liked their wine selections as they had two Meursaults on it.  Unfortunately, they were by the bottle, so I had to “settle” for the French white Burgundy by the glass.

The first snack was grilled burdock bark, served with house-cultured butter, fermented kombu, and lightly pickled sancho (pepper) berries stuck on the underside.  The bark was like a cracker and sweet.

For the full write-up, click here.


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