42 grams 8th Visit– Chicago (3/2016)


This visit was only about six weeks since my last visit.  It was not planned when I made my prior reservation.  A group of Chicago friends was planning to go and invited me, so managed to fly into Chicago for a couple of days prior to a work assignment.  The menu was almost the same as a few weeks ago.

The first snack was the African snail caviar.  It has a cucumber taste, so the other ingredients play off that, including lacto-fermented and charred Korean cucumber (for a little tartness and flavor enhancement), viola flowers, avocado and buckwheat blinis.

The next course was new last time for the restaurant.  The bottom had a kombucha (fermented) tea made into a gel form.  This was topped by diced carabinero (Spanish scarlet prawn), tofu, citrus caviar (finger limes), prawn head froth, and crispy rice noodles seasoned with phytoplankton.  This was intensely good and well-balanced, with bright flavors and lots of texture variations. Bright, sharp flavors perfectly complemented the savory shrimp flavor, nicely enhanced by the foam.

The next dish featured grilled white sturgeon from Idaho with golden Osetra caviar from Israel, vichyssoise piping, and dill. Along the one side of the fish was a helping of fingerling potato chips.  It was a very tasty take on fish and chips, with nice flavors and textures melding together.

For the full write-up, click here.


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