momofuku ko 9th Visit — New York City (2/2016)


I was looking forward to coming back to momofuku ko at this particular time because I know they had taken a break and planned to revamp the menu some.  I wanted to see what they had come up with, since the menu hadn’t changed significantly since they opened in their new space.  They told me they were anxious for some of the “regulars” to try the menu out and give some feedback.

I had spent some of my day wine shopping around New York.  I found a 2001 Kistler I wanted to try.  So, for the first time, I brought a bottle to the restaurant to have with my meal.  I would drink as much as I could and leave the rest for the staff to try, if it was worth having.  They decanted the wine, and you could see that it was an aged white.

We started off with potato puffs with white cheddar and ramps (spring onions).  The cracker reminded me of a Cheez-it in texture and flavor, only better tasting.

The next bite was the lobster salad roll with mint (no change to this).

The next presentation was fried chicken oyster (dark meat from the hollow on the dorsal side of the chicken marinated in red kimchee and buttermilk and finished off with a honey-mustard butter.  This was accompanied by a white kimchee and horseradish granita “shot”.  This was very tasty and a new item for me.

For the full write-up, click here.


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