42 grams 7th Visit — Chicago (1/2016)


One of the times I like to come back to 42 grams is just after they take some time off.  I’m just interested to see what Chef Jake comes up with to start off the year and the new season’s menu.  I had time to go wine shopping before dinner, so I picked out another Meursault, a Roulot this time, which I don’t usually have access to.  But this one was from a recently-purchased vineyard in the village and not the main Roulot acreage.  But they finished and bottled the wine under the Roulot name.

The first snack was the same as in the fall, where we were introduced to African snail caviar.  It has a cucumber taste, so the other ingredients play off that, including lacto-fermented and charred Korean cucumber (for a little tartness and flavor enhancement), viola flowers, avocado and buckwheat blinis.

The next course featured several new ingredients for the restaurant.  The bottom had a kombucha (fermented) tea made into a gel form.  This was topped by diced carabinero (Spanish scarlet prawn), citrus caviar (finger limes), prawn froth, and crispy rice noodles seasoned with phytoplankton.  This was intensely good and well-balanced, with bright flavors and lots of texture variations. Bright, sharp flavors perfectly complemented the savory shrimp flavor, nicely enhanced by the foam.

For the full write-up, click here.


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