momofuku ko 8th Visit — New York City (1/2016)


This marked the one year anniversary of when I started coming to the new location.  There’s not much more I need to say by way of introduction given how often I visit except that I still write it up because there are differences that come up.  For example, this was the first time that they provided all the small bite snacks on one plate at one time.

I started out the meal with a glass of Champagne.

I have had most of the snacks served on this first plate.  Lobster salad roll with mint sabayon, pomme soufflé with caramelized onion, rye millefeuille with trout roe and matcha powder, potato waffle with caviar and tarragon. Everything had a crispness to it to open up the meal.

Next up was the madai (Japanese sea bream) tartare with fish consommé gel, finger limes and shiso.

I then was served the Hokkaido uni with fermented chickpea hozon, olive oil and lemon.

The sawarazushi with Spanish mackerel was served this time with an accompaniment of mackerel bone broth. The flavors were nice as usual and it was also good to have something on the warm side at this point.

For the full write-up, click here.

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