A Wong’s — London (11/2015)


This restaurant came to me from a recommendation from Kitchen Table.  I had hints that it was a little more modern in technique than normal Chinese restaurants.  I went online to check out their website and secured a counter (“bar seat”) reservation for dinner via an email exchange (They are also on OpenTable.com).

I had a front-row seat into the kitchen, which I liked.  The chef was often just on the other side working, so we chatted from time to time.  You can order a la carte, or you can go with a “Taste of China” Tasting menu.  I, of course, went with the tasting menu.  However, I decided I didn’t want wine with dinner, so I just had jasmine tea.

Before the menu courses began, I was presented with some snacks.  These included a sesame seed cracker, (on the plate) barbequed pork jerky, pickled cucumber, pickled vegetables and satay sauce, (in the bowl) jellyfish, smoked duck and sesame seeds – different flavors and textures to get started.

For the full write-up, click here.


2 thoughts on “A Wong’s — London (11/2015)

  1. Looks incredible! What were the prices like?

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