Joel Robuchon — Las Vegas (11/2015)


A business conference trip to Las Vegas gave me the opportunity to try Las Vegas’ only Michelin 3-star restaurant.  The dress code was listed as business formal, so I even packed a suit (even though most of the other people dining did not dress up).  The Monday night reservation was easy enough to secure via

There are several menu choices. In addition to the main 18-course menu, diners can choose from a series of shorter menus to match the number of courses they wish to have.  Once the menu length is selected, then selections are made from the listing of courses as appropriate.

I selected the main tasting menu with a substitution for the beef course.

While I was still deciding, they brought a small bite – a warm quinoa ball with a peppery flavor.

As I am trying to study wine, so I thought it would be helpful to take photos of some of the extensive wine list from this 3-star restaurant.

They asked whether I wanted a glass of champagne or a cocktail to start.  I decided to go with a glass of the Meursault for the meal.

For the full write-up, click here.


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