Momofuku ko 7th Visit — New York City (10/2015)


There isn’t much more to say by way of introduction since I’ve been here so often.  It was an early fall visit, which came with several menu changes.  I also decided to peruse the full wine list a little more.  Their glasses list does change from time to time.

The first few bites were things that I had presented before.  However, they were in a different order and in different combinations.  The first was vegetable spring roll with pickled jalapeño and Thai basil mint in a daikon radish wrap.  After that, there was the lobster roll with mint sabayon, pommes frites soufflé with chive crème fraiche, and millefeuille with trout roe and matcha.

Next up was some Siberian sturgeon caviar, fermented radish in radish water and vinegar, and crème fraiche potatoes.  This was creamy with some tartness to it and surprisingly little saltiness.

For the full write-up, click here.

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