42 gram 6th Visit –Chicago (10/2015)


It was time for my seasonal (early Fall) visit to 42 grams.  The reservations are still for counter seating by default, but they will seat people at the table if it works better for the groups that book and request it. For the wine this time, I brought a 2011 Meursault (De Montille Soeur-Frère Casse-Tête), which worked very well with the meal.

The menu, presented at the end, had many changes from the spring.  I was reunited with some elements from early in the history of Chef Jake’s dishes at Sous Rising with this menu, which I appreciated.

Our first course featured a new ingredient – snail caviar (African white snail, raised in Poland, and imported to Chicago). The taste reminded the chef of cucumber, so the ingredients are built around that theme.  The orchid on top tasted faintly of cucumber.  Underneath were green disks of Mexican cucumber (cucamelon), and alternating layers of avocado (for richness) and buckwheat blinis.  This one-biter was light, with just enough richness to help the flavors make an impact.

For the full write-up, click here.


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