Bo Innovation 2nd Visit — Hong Kong (9/2015)

Second visits to restaurants can be tough.  On the one hand, I kind of know what to expect.  On the other hand, I may not.  The food may be very consistent or not, the same or not, and my expectations of a second visit may vary.  In this case, I expected consistency (it is a 3-star Michelin restaurant, after all) and I thought the menu would change somewhat (it didn’t, except for one course). 

They again offered the savory waffle bread, with Chinese ham and scallions to nibble on.  I learned from my last visit – I didn’t eat as much of this on this visit as I was very full after my meal last time.

I went with the 2012 Diel Riesling this time, which was on the sweet side, but perfectly fine for the meal.

The first course was the “century” duck egg and pickled young ginger flavor incorporated into the foam for an amuse bouche. The plank was from an actual harbor pylon.  The smoke was from the liquid nitrogen, which helped keep the foam intact.

The second course was the fried taro encasing a tea-smoked quail egg, topped with Chinese-sourced caviar and gold leaf.

The quick bites and texture contrasts were a nice way to get the palate ready for the meal.

For the full write-up, click here.

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