Sketch Lecture Room and Library — London (8/2015)


Sketch Lecture Room and Library is the fine dining section in a building with several venues (I had afternoon tea in the Gallery on my last London visit).  The restaurant is part of the Pierre Gagnaire collection (I’ve visited his outposts in Las Vegas and Tokyo).  The location was easy to find, as it was on one of the main shopping streets in London off of Regent St.  The venue for my dinner was divided into two areas, as appropriate for the name.

For dining options, they offer a tasting menu, a vegetarian tasting menu, and a la carte options.

I decided to go with the vegetarian tasting menu.

The wine-by-the-glass list was fairly extensive.  I only photographed the whites.

I selected a 100ml glass of the 1974 Jurançon.  It was the most full-bodied and distinctive white wine I had ever tasted.

The meal started off with a collection of canapés which were brought before I made my menu selection. These included their version of a vodka martini, but made with a jelly, spiky artichoke leaf, aioli with saffron mayonnaise and pine nut, Parmesan sables, chilled gazpacho of strawberry and tomato, artichoke cream with cumin cracker, squid ink wafer with fresh goat cheese, and crunchy bread with lardo di carlotto and Dijon mustard.

For the full write-up, click here.


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