Al Pont de Ferr — Milan (7/2015)


After booking one restaurant in Milan for lunch, I was still in search for a dinner restaurant.  Al Pont de Ferr popped up as a possibility after continued searching.  I think I ran across the name somewhere in a travel article or food article.  When I looked up the restaurant, it sounded like a good candidate for at least some dishes made with a modernist approach.  I emailed them for a reservation and received a prompt response.

The restaurant is located in a part of the city I had not visited before.  It was just beyond the central part of Milan, but still reachable very easily by the Metro.  The restaurant was situated on a canal lined by restaurants and bars, so it was a relatively high-traffic area for people strolling.

There was a window into the kitchen from the sidewalk. The restaurant itself had an informal look.

The menu had an a la carte page.  After that, there were a few different tasting menus from which a diner could choose.  There were a couple of shorter tasting menus, called Traditional and From the Vegetable Garden (vegetarian).

For the full write-up, click here.

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